A Letter For You

A wide variety of expressive compositions that aims to entertain and inspire people to embrace the art of literature.

About Me…


I also have a YouTube channel 😊

Hi there, 🖐🏻stranger

Here’s a little story time For You

I am going to share with you the reason why I started this website. It is my daydream to reach a wide variety of people to share my works that I intently put effort and time to make.

To start, A Letter for You is a wide variety of expressive compositions that aim to entertain and inspire people to embrace the art of literature.

I love written work. It all started when my elementary teacher assigns us (students) homework to make any short story that we want, based on our imagination. After that day, I decided to do it so I can finish it early because I just want it to be done then pass it. Clueless as I am, I just started to write anything and I am completely unaware of what this specific task can be brought in my life.

As I go along and continue my work, the ideas were surprisingly kept entering my imagination; then there is a sudden feeling of enjoyment that for me is unfathomable because I personally hate tasks and any other related homework. I also became overwhelmed to the point that I lost my path and don’t even know what I am still writing about. From that particular day, I discover that I love stories, even though the first one I made was pretty terrible, but soon I became more interested and engross in the manner and style of writing.

I started to write a short story based on my dreams at night and imagination at day. I enjoy it more than playing outside or running around because I always end up physically exhausted. However, in this case, the only challenge I endure is to ensure the capacity of my brain to not be drain quickly.  To overthink and imagine the unimaginable is pretty tough, and it requires a great effort accompanied by patience and whole-hearted dedication.

Then for the long term, I started to learn that there is more than a story. There is a poem, poetry, compositions, and other written kinds of literature that I also immediately fall in love with.

About ME

Nothing much to say, to be honest, trying to fit in a world in which I do not belong; I am male by the way. I am nobody- nobody wants, nobody notices, nobody cares of. Just a typical teenager who subdues himself into a deep depth howling emotions. The one who thinks a lot but is terrified to speak a word- yep that’s me. I write seemingly everything; scenarios, thoughts, ideas, and perception which doesn’t make any sense to some. It is my way of escaping from this dystopian world and partially lives in my made-up paradise. I come up with the name A Letter For You because I like Letters. I like Letter for the reason that it has a meaning and value when you hand it over to someone. Rather than an efficient message, but a standard and idle way of communication. I am also fascinated with old music, movie, stuff from the 1960 to-70s and everything that this generation has forgotten about. It brings excitement and exhilaration when thinking about vinyl and old stories. I hope you too; don’t conform to this world’s generation, because it is horrible. To my subscriber, follower and my future friends out there, I just want to say that you are a wonderful human being. Don’t let discouragement and failure become a hindrance to your success.

Thank You for keeping up and have a good day. 😊

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