To My Father – To the person that sustain my life

A hard worker and a talented one. Dad from the beginning you are here with me, from the very first step and breath that I take, you are here by my side. Holding me in your arms and carrying me as a reward, I am thankful that you are my father.

I want to say thank you for the smallest up to the greatest thing you are doing for our family. You gave support to sustain our needs every single day. Now I appreciate all the things that you had done just to make sure I could eat every day and give the best life to me since I was a child.

You left the country to work abroad for our family. Your goal is to provide a better life for us, and I can say that you have done a great one. Even though you are the one who are suffering right now, you never let all the pain and struggle to be a hindrance for giving us a comfortable life.

I miss you so much; I can wait to have a job so that you do not have to work anymore. I want you to be back here in our country to live your remaining life freely and relieve. I want to repay you for the comfortable life that you have once given to me since I was born.

There is no doubt in believing how much amazing you were as a father, sorry if I still have not told you that. I am not a perfect son, but you are a perfect father. I pray to God to bless you all the time and to grant what your heart desires because you deserve a reward for being a good father.

You are the one that sustains my life. From every food that I bite up to the things that I used, Dad you are the reason why I have it. I want to finish college so that I can find a decent job; it is my time to support our family as you did from the beginning.

I often forgot how much sacrifices you put into it just to make sure we eat every day. I feel like a total burden, I have not done many things to show you how I appreciate your works. Forgive me for I have not been able to talk to you for a long time.

I want to say sorry because I feel like a big burden to you; I have not been able to repay you for everything you had done. I just want to say how much I love you. I am not the kind of son who tells it straight forward, but I want you to know if somehow you came across through this letter, that I am thankful and proud that you are my dad.

I have been able to know that my father loves me, even though sometimes I forget about it, yet your love never change towards me. I want to have a chance to say to you how much I love you and I give you a tight hug. I want to welcome you when you finally come home.

I am looking forward to the day that you and I have to live our life together every single day. The child inside in me still wants to learn more and to spend more time with you. I am going to wait for you to come home, I am going to hug you so tight, and I promise to be there for you.

a letter for you