To the one who never leaves me.

Another year passes by and another year is about to come. I am excited and thankful for I am still alive and blessed. Twenty-twenty is the year of suffering for many people and me, but even on this kind of darkest time, you, Jesus never leave us alone.

You know me more than anyone else does. You know what I need and want; you fulfill all of the missing pieces in me, I became whole in you. I am disregard by the people I know, but not the one who made me, and that is you Lord God my Savior.

I am a sinner, I am disgusted by all of the things that I have done, and I kept pleading because I know that what I am doing is against your will. Thank you because you hear me, you listen to every tear that I shed, every problem that I am going through.

I am broken, shattered, useless, and almost wanted to give up. But you, my Lord, came like lightning that was so fast and gave light to my dim world. I did not deserve you for I have done such a lot of wicked things, but you said you love me.

I have broken your law several times; my promise is not as tough as it should be. I came back from evil works and ignoring all your commands. I have been a fool and living a sinful life several times, but still, here you are. Saying no matter what I have done you still love me and would forgive me.

You forgive me for all of my sin as I confess everything that I had done. I have been baptized now in your name; I should live within your rules and law. I left behind all of my sinful habits and willing to commit to my promises that I am going to follow your way. 

You are unchangeable you are a loving God. You died to atone for sin, you did not deserve all of the suffering and pain, but you love all of us and you want to give an eternal life to the people who do your will. Your love is true and unconditional.

No one can compare and defy because you are holy and blameless. You are a God of love, mercy, and grace. Every one of us is equal on your sight; no one is above or under. You gave food to the hunger and water to the thirst.

I just want to say thank you for everything, even if it is good or bad, there is always a lesson for every situation that happens to me. All of your words will live within me; Your words are my lifeline and it teach me how I should live this life.

Twenty-twenty-one is a new year of possibility. I am looking forward to this day that I should live according to your will. My sin cannot hold me because you are now holding my right hand. Leading me to the right path where you want me to be.

Thank you for your mercy. Thank you for peace. Thank you for understanding and showing me what I cannot see. Thank you for the people you gave to help me to know you. Thank you for the blessing every day that I receive. Thank you for the life that before I did no appreciate, but now I recognize and consider a great blessing

I will just humbly ask you Lord to guide me, to walk with me through this journey. Let all the wicked thoughts and evil works be perish and your words be live within me. You deserve all the praise and I am here to justify what good things you have done to me.

I am excited to live this new life you gave to me. I know you will take away all the temptation and will show me what I should do and don’t. I am thankful and blessed to finally know you Jesus, my Lord, and Savior; Amen

a letter for you