Dear Joseph

These past couple of years are the best timeline of my life. The day you notice my crimson shirt as I walk past down the aisle of that grocery store. The first day you met me.

Fast forward when we finally had a relation A kind of connection where you let me slip some chocolate bars into my jeans and leave without paying for it. I guess you spoiled me a lot. Still did not know how I manage to do that before, but one thing for sure, is that whenever I see you I felt comfort. Comfort as if I have been disregard before.

You gave me another meaning for home. You brought a glimpse of satisfaction and I am thirsty for it. I like to be with you every time; do you still remember our golden rule? Never say goodbye, because it is only for people who never came back. We do not want to be apart, so you sign me up for being your slave and I appreciate it. I’ve been yours for three years and me didn’t have any idea that you never became mine.

I used to believe all the things that you said because I trust you. But it get so hard when truth keep slapping on my face. I play with you all the time; I always lose, but it felt like I won. You kept me inside your circle, where all the illusion and pretentious acts of yours keeps me warm.

But one day I saw something strange. There is someone, and then another one that was being inside of your circle. I am so confused and it takes a couple of hours for me to realize that it is all just a game.

The vision of paradise collapses and I was being piled up of all your wicked deception. I am alive, but I can’t breathe. I cannot stand this too much nonsense anymore. I am not saying goodbye to you, because we’re still going to see each other soon, but for now I set you free to also be able to free myself.

Love, Hannah

I didn’t have any idea that you never became mine.

A Letter for you