never thought that it would be the last time.

Dear Lily To the One I hurt the most

I always felt and notice those heavy teardrops running down your cheeks, but I didn’t do something. You once show me how we can make all this through and I ignore you. I didn’t ask for your forgiveness knowing that I didn’t deserve to be forgiven.

I broke you down and shattered you pieces by pieces then scattered you all around. We took those long highways thinking that we can make it, but we bound on the sideways broken and lost. We still walking on that road thinking it would be an endless journey for the two of us.

Now, the inequity of my longing for your presence shows how selfish I am throughout the whole time we’ve been together. The smile that I used to wear every time we meet is now haunting me in my dreams. Your innocent heart being held captive by my cruel mind for more than four years

The thoughts of several people keep flashing how I didn’t deserve to be with someone like you, but you always remind me how bless you were to be by myside. You come into my room, jump into my bed and brush my hair using those soft little fingers of yours. Never thought that it would be the last time.

How unfortunate I was, moving along with waters letting my mind afloat while you are trying to save us from sinking deep down. I am writing this to you because I want you to know that I know now what I did and I regret every single day that I take advantage of you.

I hope that you can read this wherever you are right now. I wish that we never crossed path to each other before, and maybe now you would be still alive

P.S. I know that you’re in heaven now

A Letter For YOU